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about us is designed to help children explore and develop creative thinking.
Imagination and self-expression allow your child's creativity to grow.
Our activities nurture the expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings.
Story Making, Writing, Drawing, Creative Ideas, and Open-Ended Questions are activities and resources
you can use to support creativity and build your child's interests and curiosity. supports children to maintain and grow their creative minds and strengthen their identities.
Creativity is a form of self-expression and helps children with problem solving beyond their ways of thinking.
The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly
enhance the development of their creativity. Giving your child the gift of expression at a young age sets
them on a path of purpose, intention and engagement.
We all know that children are full of thoughts and ideas. provides opportunities for creative thinking.
It encourages children to express their ideas and thoughts in drawing, writing, or story making.
Creativity is a tool that brings us together and builds confidence in children's sense of self and their voice.
It is one of the best ways to improve your child’s academic progress, self-expression and self-reliance.
Thank you for your interest in our site. We hope you and your child will enjoy it together.
Let the fun begin! CreKid. com ~ Where creativity and imagination come to life!

Tina Jack

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